Monday, April 27, 2009

Server Errors

There have been a lot of server errors recently, and they are the result of system resources being overwhelmed (using up system memory and processor).

I suspect that this is due to another app I have been working on - a real time web game called

I am now setting up a separate server for the that game so that it's performance does not effect I expect it will be set up within the next 48 hours, and hopefully this resolves the issues.



This problem has been resolved and you should not see any more server errors relating to this problem. The app has been moved to another server.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


It seems that was attacked by a distributor of malware. I have reverted the site code that was modified and removed the offending code they added (they add iframe tags that make it so when you visit, you were also visiting their site in the background).

I have since changed the passwords on the servers, made a further backup of all data, and am switching the site to a separate account in case there is a compromise that still exists in the current account.

In the last 24 hours since the attack, google has labeled as a malware site, and I have requested a rescan of the site since it has been cleaned up.

I am uncertain as to the vector of the attack, so I am taking a number of simultaneous paths to close down possible holes.

If you would like to help, a great help would be to do a view source on any editthis wiki you use for the next couple days. If you see a hidden iframe on the page, just report it here: