Monday, February 11, 2008

cueFlash version two!

A new version of cueflash is in development and will be released shortly. It will feature deck ratings, ajax card loads (just loads the content of the cards to speed up card viewing), comments, and a cleaned up interface.

The current design (not really functional) is at:

You can see the current working system at:

Feel free to comment here with any suggestions.



Mary said...

Hi! I'm a new user of cueFlash and I'm excited to see the new version up and running.

I was wondering if anyone else has suggested an editing feature, especially on deck descriptions? (Example: I made a basic set of language flashcards, but now I want to add the name/info of the book I'm sourcing information from.)

It's not huge deal, obviously, but editing would be much easier than deleting and remaking an entire deck. Thanks!

Patric said...

The only real functionality that is really making-or-breaking this site for me is the inability to randomize the cards.

If you could make it so that the cards are displayed in a random order, I would be most please..

fantastic work, btw.