Monday, December 7, 2009

No more blogging

I created a google group here:

from now on status messages and updates will be posted there. A blog is very much a one way form of communication, and I feel it goes against the collaborative nature of a wiki service. This group will be where problems and enhancements will be discussed.

If you are simply requesting a feature be added to, please use the uservoice page:


Niffiwan said...

I've never used Google Groups. Can I get an RSS feed from it? RSS is one of the main advantages of having a blog, because it allows me to see your posts (which usually come very infrequently) as soon as they're posted. I certainly wouldn't check this site manually every day. It may be one-sided, but you're the admin, after all. If there's no RSS in Google Groups, I would recommend keeping this blog operational for important announcements if only for that reason.

Brett Slocum said...

The feeds page for the group is here:


aa said...